"Środowisko Mieszkaniowe - Housing Environment is a cyclical scientific periodical-initially published as a yearly, since 2016 it has been converted into a semi-yearly, with the Editorial Office currently moving towards the journal becoming a quarterly. The periodical's publisher is the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology and the Editorial Office is located at the Chair of the Shaping of the Housing Environment. It is a fully bilingual publication (in Polish and in English), registered in the ISSN and e-ISSN systems. It focuses on the subject of housing in architectural and urban design in the context of the housing environment, understood as a place of residence within the natural and cultural environment, shaped by man. The goal and mission of the journal is focusing particular attention on the contemporary housing environment as the fundamental area of the functioning of man in the contemporary city. This subject is very broad and interdisciplinary in scientific research and is linked both with architectural and urban built projects and problems from the field of spatial planning, urban sociology and aesthetics, as well as information technologies associated with municipal governance.

The journal is devoted to architectural and urban work in the form of theoretical works, experiments, designs and built projects that comprehensively frame matters associated with shaping the housing environment both in terms of its architectural and spatial qualities, qualities beneficial to health, pro-environmental technological solutions, as well as problems highlighted by sociology or environmental psychology. A sizable portion of each issue is a presentation of selected student design projects.

The publication is addressed to researchers and is not limited to architects, its addressees also including psychologists, sociologists, planners, etc., doctoral candidates, students of faculties of architecture as well as the community of architects and urban planners and all persons interested in the subject of the contemporary urban housing environment.

The Środowisko Mieszkaniowe/Housing Environment journal has a scientific character. The Editorial Office publishes texts by researchers, doctoral candidates as well as architects and urban planners from Poland and abroad. The basic condition for materials submitted by authors to be published is their scientific character and the concordance of their subject matter with the journal's thematic profile. All texts published in the journal are peer-reviewed by external reviewers and are fully published in Polish and in English.

The journal is distributed to academic centres in Poland and to libraries of Faculties of Architecture. The journal also has a digital edition that features full texts of all articles published in each issue. Texts published in the journal are made available in open access based on so-called "free open access", which means that a work is made accessible in a manner that allows everyone to have access to them in the manner and place of their choosing and enables free and unlimited use. The policy of the Środowisko Mieszkaniowe/Housing Environment journal follows the guidelines of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education concerning open access to scientific publications.

Środowisko Mieszkaniowe/Housing Environment enforces ethical conduct principles in the publishing process and in the process of revealing abuse and publishing scientific works. Ethical principles used by the Editorial Office are based on guidelines prepared by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

The scientific journal "Środowisko Mieszkaniowe / Housing Environment" is on the list of journals awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, in 2019 the journal obtained 20 points. The publishing house has become a beneficiary of the "Support for scientific journals" program under the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, it is also indexed by the following databases: BazTech, BazHum, CEJSH, Index Copernicus Journals Master List, ERICH PLUS and on the website of Scientific Journals of the Jagiellonian University.

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