Tomorrow’s house and estate.
Part I

Wacław Seruga
Tomorrow's house and estate... to the participants in the meeting Zakopane 2013 / read

Zbigniew Bać
In Search of the Habitats of the Future / read

Andrzej Baranowski
The Myth of Tomorrow in Architecture / read

Krzysztof Bieda
Accessibility as a Component of Housing Environment Quality / read

Krzysztof Bizio
Nature as an Inspiration in Creating a Residential Environment Analysis of the Idea Based on the Examples of Residential Housing Estates from Szczecin / read

Paulina Bogdał-¦mierzyńska
Analysis of Selected Problems Concerning the Development of Architecture and Urban Planning of Multi-family Dwelling Apartments Complex with Reference to the Future Residents' Needs / read

Aleksander Böhm
Tomorrow's House, Estate, Landscape / read

Agata Bonenberg
A house of Tomorrow, Estate of Tomorrow for the Creative Class / read

Wojciech Bonenberg
Arts-Based Research in the Prognostication of Developmental Trends within Housing Architecture / read

Tomasz Bradecki
Compact Housing Settlements - Case Study in Gliwice / read

Piotr Broniewicz
Where Do We Go from Here? The Problems of the Development of Twenty-First Century Residential Complexes Exemplified by Selected Estates in Krakow / read

Piotr Celewicz
Humanistic Aspects of Media Facades - Selected Issues / read

Bohdan Cherkes
Socialistic Birth and Afterlife of the Largest Lviv District of Sykhiv / read

Ewa M. Cichy-Pazder
"Oikos" - The Home City / read

Adam Długoszowski
The Optimization of the Design Process as the Response for the Challenge of the Modern World / read

Sebastian Dobiesz
Cities' Shrinkage as the Way Towards Our Destiny / read

Elena Douvlou, Nickolas Crowley
Designing the Future House: Parameters Juxtaposed / read

Alina Drapella-Hermansdorfer
The Wroclaw Politechnopolis 2020 / read

Carlos Marmolejo Duarte, Nancy Ruiz Estupińán, Moira Tornés Fernández
Is the Polycentrism a Desirable Feature in the Construction of Sustainable Residential Environments? Revisiting its Conceptualization from the Travel-to-work Perspective: an Analysis for the Biggest metropolitan areas in Spain / read

Luca Maria Francesco Fabris
More than living. The IBA Hamburg prototypes / read

Zbigniew Edward Fedyczkowski
The Hanging Cities of the Future / read

Jakub Ignacy Gołębiewski
The Idea of Living in a House on Water and its Development in Poland Compared to Selected European Countries. Is Living on Water a Real Alternative for Traditional Forms of Dwelling in Poland? / read

Anna Grajper
Simultaneous Housing Estates / read

Barbara Gronostajska, Roman Czajka
Natural Forces in Architecture - Water - a Futuristic Vision of New Environment Colonization / read

Jacek Gyurkovich
What we Should Bear in Mind While Thinking about the Future of a House and an Estate / read

Sławomir Gzell
Tomorrow, the Day after Today or Before the Day after Tomorrow? / read

Patrycja Haupt
Life between Buildings - Life in the Open / read

Jarosław Huebner
An Attempt to Define a Design Model - a Method of Designing Tomorrow's House / read

Bartłomiej Homiński
To Own or... to Rent - Concerning the Models of Constructing and Living in the Houses of Tomorrow / read

Magdalena Jagiełło-Kowalczyk
The Organic Form of the Future / read

Elżbieta Kaczmarska
Smart Cities - the Realistic Future or Another Utopia? / read

Andrzej Kadłuczka
Futuristic Elements in the Historical Concepts of a House / read

Anna Agata Kantarek
Cistercian Street in Krakow / read

Zbigniew Kęsek
Creative Continuation? / read

Justyna Kobylarczyk
Ruminations on the Small Town / read

Wojciech Kosiński
The 21st century housing environment against the background of past experiences / read

Marek Kowicki
New Small Towns amidst Rural Landscapes / read

Izabela Kozłowska
The Modernist House will be Home Tomorrow? / read

Tomasz Kozłowski
The Contemporary Expressive House / read

Urszula KoĽmińska
New Materials in Housing. Reuse, Recycling, Upcycling, Cradle-to-cradle - the Future or a Utopia? / read

Stanisław Krzaklewski
Pedestrian Pockets Good and Beautiful Cities / read

Danuta Kupiec-Hyła
Tomorrow's Green House / read

Elżbieta Kusińska
JHow to Take Up Residence on Water? / read

Igor Labuda
The Home of the Future - the World of Emotions / read

Maria Lubelska
The Future in Humanitarian Architecture / read

Beata Malinowska-Petelenz
The Sacred in Tomorrow's Europe / read

Alba-Rodríguez, Madelyn Marrero, Jaime Solís-Guzmán
Economic and Environmental Viability of Building Recovery in Seville (Spain)
Phase 1: Database in Arcgis Desirée / read

Wacław Seruga
Tomorrow's Sustainable Residential Complexes / read / examine student designs

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